ATG Informatics, founded in 2010 by a team of technocrats with the aim to provide world class informatics solutions. We frequently develop new age products/solutions to empower your business to compete and thrive in this rapidly changing world. Through informatics solutions, we are working forward to make amazing experiences for everyone. We are a customer driven organization focused on excellence and perfection in the field of Information Technology.

ATG is consistent in meeting or exceeding customer’s expectations and requirements. We are a team with the ability to tackle problems efficiently and pushing boundaries to create innovative products to make the world smarter, safer and more fun. Our employees are empowered to lead constant improvements to increase the value and improve customer’s satisfactions.

Onecontrol is an innovative technology brought to you by ATG Informatics which helps you to automate your home and commercial buildings from the comfort of your Smartphone or Tablet. Onecontrol is a lifestyle product, inspired and driven by innovations that offer elegant & intelligent home automation solutions which are easy to install, easy to use, comfortable, energy saving and safe. Our comprehensive range of products include Energy management system, Security system, Sensors, Camera surveillance and Lighting control system.

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Anil Kumar Eravathri

Managing Director

An Engineer by education, Anil is a visionary, challenge-driven leader. Natural and persuasive communicator recognized among colleagues for keen ability to energize and inspire individual and community at large. He is an ambitious entrepreneur with a highly successful record. Back in 1999 Anil set up an innovative staffing concept in the US, as ATG Corp. Anil has also worked with Ford & GM in Detroit USA. In 2008 he decided to return to India with an objective to build a products company of global standard which is well under realization currently. He also carries a public service intent, and has been a Member of the Legislative Assembly/erstwhile AP, and the ruling party’s Whip.

While being the Strategic and Philosophical Leader for ATG, he will personally drive the development and refinement of the product and new features to help stay clearly ahead of competition.

Rajender Singh Sachdeva


Rajender brings close to 3 decades of highly successful top management expertise, India and abroad, with companies like HP, IBM, CA, Reliance, Symphony Technologies (Africa), Thakral Brothers (Singapore) among others. Earlier, Rajender was the Group Managing Director of Symphony Technologies Ltd., where he delivered a CAGR of over 25% (6 yrs) - revenues and profitability. Recognized as a complete management leader, he is adept at building new markets, building highly effective teams, operational processes, leading large opportunities and delivering on business goals amply.


Business Development Director

With over 30 years of diverse experience, Gram brings the benefit of his deep personal relationships in the Governments, Real-estate industry and financial industry. An engineer from MIT, his career spawns experience in tyre, construction, real-estate, electronic and telecom industries. He led the key liaison effort for Reliance Industries for several years in AP, and has been a director with MIC Electronics leading liaison efforts and major business acquisition with Governments and large corporates. At ATG, Gram's strong relationships have become the ‘magic-wand' in reaching topmost levels anywhere in the Industry and the Governments. He will drive the large opportunities with Tier 1 Developers and Commercial Enterprises, while oversees the liaison with Governments, Investors and NGOs as needed.


Vice President and Director Technology

As a Co-founder Gangadhar spearheads the technology development of all product offering at ATG. A key driver in development of sophisticated IT systems and solutions to Government and Industry. A Mechanical Engineer form JNTU, enjoys a track record of more than 18 years in the R&D at Siemens and Infotech (Cyient), and has personally driven Engineering teams for development of Database Management, Embedded Systems, CAE based solutions and CAD products.

Rajesh Kurimindla

Co-Founder and Executive Director

A Post Graduate in Management and 18 years of industry knowledge with majors like Bajaj Motors and Informica, Rajesh brings deep expertise to streamline overall strategic and operational matters for the entire portfolio of the company’s offerings. He ably drives the continuous renewal of key processes, systems and policies in client relationship management, delivery excellence, quality, talent management and leadership development. Will continue to strive to bring the cost of production down while retaining highest quality standards.

PhaneendraChari Gangadharuni

Product Development Head

Phani brings 15 years of industry experience with majors like Ericson and Etisalat in crucial areas like Radio Electronics and Embedded Systems. These technologies form the heart of OneControl. His research and development efforts have resulted in highly reliable and totally radio-secure solution at the lowest possible cost. His team is focused on development of new solutions within OneControl platform that will continuously expand the market while increasing the average ticket size for each installation.