Onecontrol smart lighting & appliances brings ambience, convenience, peace and energy efficiency to your property. The light automatically turns on when you need the light and also turns off when no one is there in the room. Onecontrol music/video features deliver exceptional entertainment. Onecontrol completely eliminates the frustrating manual efforts of switching, swapping or regulating all the control functions of your audio/video entertainment appliances at the touch of a button. It will enhance the leisurely experience of every day entertainment.

You can optimize your lighting and entertainment features in the Onecontrol mobile app to look like you are home, even when you are not. There’s no question that automate lighting and entertainment features can discourage crooks. If an intruder attempt to break in, Onecontrol security sensors not only alert you, but also can turn on outside and inside lights of your property to scare him away. If an interruption occurs, your Onecontrol security system can even alert you by sending a text message to your specified personal number. Being able to control your lighting, fan, entertainment devices etc from anywhere at any time gives you a better convenience. Onecontrol lighting and other appliances effectively influence your living atmosphere and enhance the beauty of your property.




Onecontrol automation solutions coordinates virtually all the devices connected in your property to create a personalized experience with solutions that improves your safety, convenience and comfort at a price you can afford. New generation safety features such as – Gas sensors, smoke sensors and alarm sensors offer higher level of protection for you, your family and your property.

The new smart safety features offers a host of user friendly functions for a property of any size. When gas or smoke is detected, the sensors will be activated, alerting everyone about the danger. Installing Onecontrol automation solutions enhance the wellbeing of your home/office. The intelligent smart safety system assures that all is well and safe.


The Onecontrol smart security and camera surveillance gives you the ability to view cameras around your property on your smart devices (laptop, smartphone & tablet) from anywhere over the internet with the guarantee that your privacy is protected with the highest level of data security. These smart feature enables you to track your children‘s activities, keep an eye on your pets, monitor a sleeping baby, screen visitors at your entrance & keep an eye on vulnerable areas like swimming pools, kitchen etc.

Onecontrol ensures customized safety, security and surveillance needs of your property, valuable assets or your loved ones. It’s done by installing sensors in key areas to keep a live time round the clock video surveillance from anywhere in the world using the Onecontrol mobile application. It provides reliable SMS Alerts during breach of security arrangements so that you can take adequate precautionary and preventive measures to combat the adverse situation. Onecontrol intelligence security and camera surveillance truly takes your property control to new smart levels. Onecontrol security system promises that your family is safe and secure while you are away.